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Handling Inbound Traffic on Highways and Expressways: Avoiding Accidents

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Rush hour on 10 is always an interesting and somewhat scary ride. If you’re not dodging the maniacs weaving in and out of traffic, you’re dealing with on-ramp incomers who try to push their way into traffic—no matter the risk.

Day in and day out, you say a prayer as you get closer to the 90 on-ramp, hoping that no one is trying to merge, and every day, your prayers go unanswered; so you tighten your belt, grip the steering wheel, and prepare for a quarter mile game of chicken.

Isn’t there a better way? What precautions can you take to help avoid on-ramp collisions, while making it easier for in-comers to merge?

Highway Courtesies Toward Inbound Mergers

Entering and exiting highways can be extremely stressful and dangerous, especially if other motorists aren’t paying attention; however, by following these simple rules and decencies, you can not only help traffic flow smoother, but you can also help prevent a potential accident.

  • Pay attention to traffic on upcoming ramps to gauge whether or not a car will need to merge when you approach the ramp.
  • If you see someone attempting to merge, don’t speed up to close an otherwise useful traffic gap just because you didn’t want to be behind one more car.
  • If a car is attempting to merge, adjust your speed to let him in.
  • Take turns during rush hour or traffic jams. When the expressway is backed up, allow at least one car to merge ahead of you when next to a ramp; if the car behind you does the same and the car behind that one does the same, everyone will be able to safely and considerately get on and off without incident.
  • When several cars are attempting to merge and the left lane is clear, instead of having to adjust your speed, or cut off the in-comers, just change lanes; not only is it easier for you, but it also decreases the stress on the in-comers who will be surrounding you until you get off. It’s best not to intentionally upset the motorists around you—you never know what type of road rage they may have.


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