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Common Machine Faults Cause Tragic Construction Accidents

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Every day, you and your son get ready to go to work together, and every day you worry that the foreman is going to put him in charge of the backhoe. You know that he’s competent enough to handle himself, but you can’t—and won’t—give that assurance to the machine itself.

After working in construction nearly all your life, witnessing countless accidents, and some truly horrific injuries, you know the risks and safety precautions that come with operating in and near any construction equipment. Although you can’t stop your son from following in your footsteps, you can hope that you can keep him away from the dangers of these machines for as long as possible.

Machinery Risks Common to Construction Sites

Although construction equipment and machinery should be inspected regularly for possible faults or damaged parts, machinery malfunctions and risks are a daily worry for construction workers. Heavy machinery—especially large machines like cranes—can be extremely hazardous in certain situations and must be handled with extreme care to prevent unnecessary and tragic accidents. Common risks include:

  • Worn or broken parts – Worn and damaged parts can not only break off and cause serious lacerations and blunt force trauma, but could also affect how the machine functions, increasing the risk of loads falling or machine jams.
  • Electrical malfunction – When operating too close to power lines, the risk of electrocution is high. Other electrical malfunctions could cause the machinery to move on its own.
  • Possibility of collapse – When over-weighted or unbalanced, cranes can easily collapse or fall over, crushing anything or anyone within its path.
  • Safety features – These can fail, making it hard to predict possible problems.


No matter how experienced you may be, or how new the machinery is that you’re using, always be attentive to signs of possible problems or potential malfunctions and follow the necessary safety guidelines for operation.

If you feel that something may be wrong with your machine, don’t take the chance, inform your superiors immediately and make sure no one uses it until it has been properly assessed. Safety should be your and your employer’s #1 goal, so help keep your workplace safe and accident free by staying alert and properly managing your machinery.

Have you already been injured by a faulty piece of construction equipment? Contact our construction accident attorneys today for a free consultation and more information about your injury claim and rights.

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