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Preventing a Driveway-Road Collision

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Every day when you take your little girl to Prien Lake Elementary, you get stuck in the school’s driveway trying to turn onto Nelson. It seems that every parent in Lake Charles takes their child to this particular school, and none of them know how to share the road.

However, you’ve heard a lot of news lately on KPLC 7 about road rage and driveway accidents, so you always patiently wait and pray that someone will eventually let you in. You just wish other drivers would understand the safety issues as well as you.

Don’t they know how to drive safely around driveways—especially when kids are involved?

Safety Tips to Avoid a Driveway Accident

When driving, safety should be your number one priority. You need to be 100 percent alert, cautious, courteous, and hyperaware of other drivers—from the moment you turn the ignition, until the moment you’re parked. However, many drivers forget these steps when they’re in a hurry, distracted, or just intentionally being rude. This disregard for common courtesy and safety can be seen most often when it comes to driveway traffic.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 250 children and another 200 drivers are killed every year, and nearly 20,000 injuries occur as a result of needless driveway collisions. Fortunately, you can help decrease these tragic numbers by following these simple safety tips:    

When You’re in a Driveway

  • Do a walk around (especially if you have small children). Before getting into your car, walk around it to make sure there are no children, animals, or pedestrians playing, standing, or sitting in your blind spots.
  • Double check your mirrors. Before you begin to move, check your mirrors and sight lines for any potential movements.
  • Wait your turn. Although it can be frustrating to have to wait for someone to be kind enough to give you the room to turn, pushing your way in to traffic could only cause more problems.
  • Pay attention. Before turning or backing up, make sure you have the proper room to do so, and that other drivers realize that you’ll be turning in front of them.
  • Be patient. Someone will eventually let you in, don’t force it.

When You’re on the Road

  • Be courteous. When you see someone attempting to turn out of a driveway, slow down and let him turn; even if you’re in a hurry, one car isn’t going to make that much of a difference.
  • Never change lanes in front of an occupied driveway. You can never be sure if the person in the driveway will see you in time. Therefore, allow him to have the space before you attempt to change lanes. Don’t take the chance of causing an accident merely because you want to get ahead of the person in front of you—it’s not worth it.
  • Avoid blocking driveways. Many commercial driveways have signs posted to remind you not to block them. However, it’s a general rule that if possible, you should avoid blocking all driveways in case emergency personnel need to use them. As well as just being courteous to those who need to exit from the driveway.

When Precautions Fail...

Regrettably, in any situation, precautions only go so far—especially when driving. In order to guarantee your own safety, you must also rely on the awareness and safety of others. Unfortunately, human error, selfishness, and distractions can cause that reliability to turn into a tragic accident.

However, even after an accident, you can still protect your family. You don’t have to let someone else’s lack of safety destroy your family’s future. Instead, let us help you fight back! Our experience, knowledge, and dedication to car accident victims is unparalleled. Call today for a free consultation, and see how we can help you get the justice, settlement, and peace of mind you deserve after a driveway accident. We’re waiting to help you.

Make sure your family and friends are protected by sharing this page with them via Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Driveway accidents can be avoided as long you know what to look for—help them know before it’s too late.

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