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Mental ‘Brake’ Downs: Psychological Injuries of Car Accident Victims

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It happened a few months ago on your way back from an art exhibition at The Harrington. You were tired, so you decided to listen to some music to stay awake. However, as you went to change the station to Kiss FM, your favorite song came on and your eyes wandered off the road for a split second. In that split second, another car turned in front of you and you slammed straight into them. Since that day—as a result of a distracted second—your life hasn’t been the same. 

Your physical injuries are all healed—but you’re still unable to get behind the wheel. Every time you attempt to get in your car, you freeze. In addition to that, you begin to shake when you hear your once favorite song, and you can’t even look at any paintings without breaking out in a cold sweat because they remind you of that terrible night.

Car accidents are extremely traumatic both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, even after your wounds have healed, your memories and the association your memories have, can cause further mental damage.

Common Psychological Trauma Induced by Collisions

Increased anxiety from painful memories of an accident, and the resulting fear can cause your brain to react in order to defend itself—these reactions can cause physical abnormalities and pain. The following are a few examples of these reactions:

  • Neuroses such as associating loud noises with the crash or certain feelings with the incident can cause direct physiological changes like cold sweats, increased fear, headaches and depression.
  • Fear can increase adrenaline causing heavy breathing, hyperventilation and elevated heart rates. This can lead to dizzy spells, blurred vision, fainting, chest pains, and heart attacks.

Even though there may not be evidence of any physical trauma causing these issues—such as swelling or bruising in the brain—the unseen psychological trauma can severely affect your life.

Mental injuries and psychological damage can sometimes turn out to be worse than any physical injury. Without even realizing it, you can begin to push people away, secluding yourself and preventing any physical injuries from getting the proper care they need to heal—all while falling into a deep anxiety filled depression.

Don’t let a car accident destroy your life, or the lives of those you care about. We invite you to read some of other blogs and articles to get more information about long-term car accident injuries and what you can and should do after an accident. If you are ready to talk to somebody to start your road to recovery, we encourage you to contact us directly­—we are standing by to answer your call.

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