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The Hidden Chemical Injuries of Industrial Workers

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Every day thousands of workers go to their jobs at PPG, Phillips 66, Citgo or one of the dozen industrial corporations that surround Lake Charles. Every day—these men and women put their lives in danger. They must constantly guard themselves by staying alert for malfunctioning machinery, unsafe scaffolding or equipment, and hundreds of other potential industrial accidents that could cause serious injuries.

But what if the deadliest injuries they could face aren’t only invisible, but can take years to show the damage? The long-term exposure to hazardous industrial chemicals can be extremely dangerous and fatal amongst career industrial workers.

Long-term Industrial Chemical Exposure Is Linked to Cancer

According to Cancer Research UK, two percent of all cancer deaths are directly related to industrial chemical and asbestos exposure. Certain industrial chemicals such as benzene, chromium and organic solvents can also increase your risk of developing cancer.

  • Prolonged toxic chemical exposure can cause anything from internal burns and inflammation to a fatal buildup of poisonous toxins in the blood stream.
  • Chemical fumes can also build up in the body and damage or deteriorate cells, nerves and organ tissue.
  • Asbestos and Silica exposure can lead to mesothelioma, throat and lung damage and cancer. A National Cancer Institute study found asbestos exposure to be the cause of 96–100 percent of mesothelioma cases, and 42–49 percent of lung cancer cases among oil refinery maintenance workers in 2000 alone.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued some guidelines for the proper use and safety precautions of certain hazardous industrial materials; however, longterm exposure illnesses can take anywhere from 10–50 years to fully present—by then it may be too late. This is why it is extremely important to maintain proper health precautions when handling industrial chemicals and asbestos as well as making regular checkups with your doctor if you work in an industrial environment. 

Are you worried that a loved one may not know the potential dangers of an industrial career, or are you afraid that they may have already been injured? Please have them contact us today for a free consultation about their industrial injury rights or share this article with them to help encourage chemical exposure safety.

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