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Is bridge construction more dangerous than road construction?


Today is the day—you and your best friend are starting your new jobs at Lake Charles Construction. Once you arrive, you unfortunately discover that you’ll not be working on the same job. You were picked for a crew to repair some issues on the Lorraine Bridge, while your buddy got stuck with a 5th Avenue roadway job. You’re riding high because you think you obviously got the more glamorous pick, while your friend looks worried and keeps telling you to be careful and not to do anything stupid.

You’re slightly taken aback by his concern as you start to wonder: Are bridge construction jobs really more dangerous than roadway jobs?  

Differing Risks

Construction jobs in general have a high potential for accidents. According to the Federal Highway Administration, roadway and bridge construction injuries occur about once every 14 minutes in the United States—putting construction at the top of the most dangerous career list. However, bridge construction work has an increased chance of fatal injuries due to the higher risk that bridge accidents will be more severe.

  • Road hazards – Most roadway construction injuries occur as a result of vehicle collisions—both civilian and construction—and being caught between equipment.
  • Bridge hazards – Have the same risks as roadway hazards, as well as a few extra—drowning, bridge material issues, falling, and others. They also have a better chance of being more severe since bridges are in a confined amount of space. On roadways, drivers can at least attempt to avoid hitting you by veering off to the side; on a bridge, there’s nowhere to veer except into you or over the side.


Therefore, although both roadway and bridge construction can have their fair share of risk, bridge accidents (although slightly less common) have the potential to be more severe and cause more traumatic injuries than roadway accidents. 

If you’ve been injured in any type of construction accident, your treatment and recovery should be assured by your employer. However, insurance companies can be extremely unhelpful when it comes to injury claims and make you feel like you’re going over rapids without a boat.

Don’t let them take advantage of you—let us be your bridge over troubled waters. Call us today for an overview of your case and a discussion of your rights to see how much you should be entitled to for injury compensation. Don’t wait another minute. Call now for a free consultation!

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