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Is it normal to see so much damage with a truck accident?


According to the United States Department of Transportation’s analysis of large truck accidents, nearly half a million truck accidents occur each year throughout the United States. These accidents cause over 100,000 injuries and fatalities, millions of dollars worth of medical and property damage, and thousands of liability claims. In 2013, Lake Charles alone suffered 35 traumatic truck collisions—two of which were fatal.

Knowing the types of accidents trucks cause and how they cause them, can help you not only avoid an accident but could also help save your life.

Common Truck Accidents and How They Happen

Truck accidents can happen anywhere, because people can make mistakes anywhere. However, certain aspects surrounding a location can increase the risk of a collision. Aspects such as traffic lights, curves, hills, pedestrian interactions at intersections, and rural and urban areas are all examples.

  • Rollover and jackknife accidents – Often occur when high speeds, curved roads, and/or over adjusting causes the driver to lose control and improperly brake. The weight of the cargo forces the trailer to either continue going forward (jackknife) or flip (rollover).
  • Head-on collision – Are often caused when either the driver loses control of the vehicle and swerves into oncoming traffic or misjudges a turn’s width and slams into another vehicle.
  • T-Bone – Generally occur as a result of a driver running a red light at an intersection and crashing into the side of another vehicle.
  • Under-ride or undercarriage collisions – Where a vehicle rear-ends a truck and winds up becoming lodged under the trucks back end. This occurs most often when trucks unexpectedly brake or stop—mostly at intersections but has been known to also happen on interstates and highways.
  • Pedestrian/truck collisions – Pedestrians cannot only be hard to see in crosswalks, but they can also suddenly appear without warning, or walk into traffic expecting vehicles to stop for them. However, as we all know, trucks have a hard time stopping on a dime—often leading to a fatal accident.

Truck accidents can cause a great amount of damage due to their size and weight. When pedestrians, cyclists, and other smaller vehicles are involved in truck collisions, 98 percent of the time—they’re the ones who suffer the most.

Don’t be a statistic! Pay attention, follow truck safety guidelines, and share this page with your loved ones to help promote safety awareness to help decrease truck accident injuries and fatalities.

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