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How could I have prevented my construction machinery injury?


You’ve been working in construction going on five years now, and although you’ve witnessed a few scares, you’ve never seen a machine malfunction until today. You and your crew were working on digging a drainage pipe near Shell Beach Dr., when everything went wrong.

Early that day, your foreman told you that the backhoe your crew would be using was due for a safety inspection, but as it was the only one available for that day. The inspection was postponed until next week. You didn’t think much of it, considering it was working fine and it wasn’t that old of a machine. You and your crew proceeded to use it for the better part of the morning, only stopping to clear out excess debris that was blocking its path.

However, after lunch, when your buddy attempted to restart the machine, the engine wouldn’t turn over. It just sat there, making rumbling noises. The rest of your crew gathered around, some in front of it to see if it was stuck on something and some in back, trying to determine if there was a problem in the rear. Suddenly, without warning, the engine kicked on and the bucket jerked up, knocking three of your guys backward into the ditch. The operator immediately turned it off, but by then, it was too late—your guys were unconscious and you were on the phone with the paramedics.

Construction Machine Precautions

Accidents can happen out of nowhere as a result of faulty machinery, human error, and poor judgment; however, you can help prevent serious injuries to yourself as well as your coworkers by always following these easy safety guidelines.

  • Make sure your machinery is up to code. Heavy construction equipment and machines should be properly maintained on a daily basis and assessed for safety every three to six months.
  • Stay alert when operating machinery. If the equipment seems faulty, sluggish, or jerky, turn it off immediately and have it checked for problems.
  • Work in teams. Watching out for one another and staying alert to possible problems can help provide adequate warnings to help prevent injuries.


The construction business can be an extremely dangerous career field—especially when precautions and safety standards aren’t met. If you, or a loved one, has recently been injured as a result of faulty machinery or a lax in safety protocols, an injury claim should be filed for compensation of injuries and damages. Our vast experience can help you and your family get the settlement you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you get your life back.

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