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Does my injury have to be treated by a specific doctor to get my workers’ compensation benefits?


When you’re injured on-the-job, the first thing you should do is to have the injury looked at by your doctor. However, some employers may try to prevent you from going to your own trusted physicians at CHRISTUS or Beaumont. Instead, they’ll suggest that you seek treatment from a list of pre-approved doctors, clinics, and specialists of their choosing, otherwise they may refuse your entitled benefits.

Louisiana workers’ compensation laws state that employers can’t prevent you from seeing your own doctor. However, it also states that an employer has the right to appoint a physician as well, for a second opinion, in which case they may not pay the medical expenses of your doctor’s care.

Doctor Regulations for Work-Related Injury Benefits

Choosing the right physician may make all the difference in your workers’ compensation claim. Some doctors may be more sympathetic and take your work activities into account, while the next may treat it as a minor injury and send you on your way. This is why it’s important to know your options before choosing.

  • Selecting your own physician will make him your primary physician throughout the course of the claim, likewise, if you decide to use the employer appointed physician. You may not have two physicians of the same specialty, at the same time, unless otherwise notified.
  • Once the primary physician is chosen, you must sign the appropriate “choice of physician form” given to you by your employer. This will prohibit you from changing physicians—including but not limited to referral doctors—if the form isn’t signed, your employer has the right to suspend medical benefits.
  • Your employer still maintains his right, if desired, to have an additional physician provide a second opinion for costly or questionable treatments. If the second opinion differs from primary physician’s opinion, a court ordered physician will be appointed.

Workers’ compensation rules can be extremely confusing and Louisiana insurance lawyers do whatever they can to limit your claims. Therefore, when injured on-the-job, contacting an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will help you make sense of these limitations, keep you from being railroaded by your employer’s insurance company, and make sure you’re comfortable with your choice of physician—all without forfeiting your benefits.

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