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What are some of the most common types of broken bones people have after a car accident in Westlake?


Broken bones are a common injury that victims endure after a Westlake auto accident. The impact of another vehicle hitting your car can cause your knee, ankle, and other bones significant trauma. When this happens, your bone may fracture or break.

Some of the most common broken bone injuries after a Westlake accident include:

  • Hairline Fractures. These are also commonly referred to as stress fractures. They are small cracks under the bone and in many cases may go unnoticed.
  • Compound Fracture. A compound fracture causes the broken bone to go through the skin. This is a very dangerous type of broken bone as it leaves you exposed to infection and complications.
  • Transverse Fracture. This type of fracture runs across the bone. It usually happens when there is a direct blow to your bone, causing it to snap into two pieces.
  • Avulsion Fracture. This type of broken bone happens when the tendon or ligament that is normally attached to a bone pulls off a small piece of the cartilage. This usually requires surgery to repair.
  • Multi-Fragmentary Fracture. This is when a broken bone breaks in at least three pieces. It can be very difficult to treat; surgery is often necessary to pin or glue the bone fragments together. Often, people have life-long complications from this type of bone injury.

If you were a victim in a car accident and you suffered from a broken bone or fracture, your recovery can be both lengthy and costly. It is important to reach out to a Westlake orthopedic injury lawyer to get the help you need in settling your case. Contact Greg Marceaux at Marceaux Law Firm to learn more about your injury and how he can help you get the best possible outcome after a crash.