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How Car Seats Can Mean Life or Death for Your Child

Experienced accident lawyers will tell you that children are extremely susceptible to force injuries and the impact damage of collisions. If not properly restrained, the force of a collision can cause serious—if not fatal—neck and spine injuries (due to underdeveloped muscles in the neck and back), bruising, blunt force trauma, or worse if the child is thrown from his seat.

Use of car seats could help save your children’s lives in more ways than one, but only if used properly, consistently, and safely.

Car Seat Safety Tips

It’s sometimes difficult to remember ever-changing guidelines of car seat safety. However, by following the manufacturer’s instructions, as well as basic car seat safety, you’ll be able to have the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your child is safe.

  • Follow the proper guidelines for car seat size, depending on your child’s height and weight (Louisiana car seat guidelines differ from recommended safety practices) – Remember, your child has outgrown the seat if his head is taller than the back of the seat.
  • The three point harness should be secured at ALL times, no matter how short the drive.
  • Always check to make sure the restraints are tightened and the buckles are truly snapped into place – Especially if you allow your child to initially secure himself.
  • Long trips can be stressful on a child’s body in a car seat, to avoid irritation, fussiness and pain, make sure you make frequent stops to allow him to stretch and move around before securing him back into the seat.

Help raise awareness by sharing this list with friends and family, because seeing a child get hurt in an accident is soul crushing—especially if it could have been prevented by the proper use of a simple car seat.

We hope this article was helpful, but if you have further questions on car seat safety, or infant collision injuries, please contact us today for a free consultation.