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Dangers and Risks of Turning Out of Driveways

When you hear about a serious car accident on KPLC, you expect that accident to have occurred on a road, highway, or street—not in a driveway. Most people don’t worry or even really think about driveway accidents since they assume they can’t be all that serious. However, according to the National Automotive Sampling System - General Estimates System (NASS-GES), nearly 20,000 people are injured, and 200 a year die as a result of driveway collisions.

Driveway Hazards: Four Risks You Need to Know

Although far less impacting than the 1.3 million regular car accidents suffered in the United States each year, driveway accidents are particularly dangerous because they’re often overlooked. This disregard for potential dangers can cause you and other drivers to potentially put your own lives, your family’s lives, and the lives of strangers at risk. 

The next time you’re backing out of a driveway, turning out of a driveway, or even maneuvering in a parking lot, make sure you remember these driveway risks, and take the proper precautions to help avoid a traumatic collision.

  • Children, pedestrians, and bikers. Nearly 250 children a year are killed as a result of being backed over, or run over by cars leaving their driveways. Thousands of pedestrians and bikers a year are also injured by driveway accidents when they attempt to cross a driveway and the driver doesn’t notice them.
  • Side-impact collisions. When you attempt to cut off a driver, squeeze into an extremely small opening, or don’t pay attention to traffic when turning out of a driveway, your chances for a side-impact collision are extremely high.
  • Lane change injuries. When you turn onto a double lane road from a driveway, you not only have to be aware of traffic in the lane closest to you, but the traffic in the second lane as well in case of lane changers. It is extremely common for a driver in the left lane to switch lanes in order to get ahead of traffic. Unfortunately, besides being rude and frustrating, this can also result serious injuries if you don’t notice the car in time.
  • Increased road rage. When drivers intentionally block driveways, or refuse to stop to let you enter traffic, you can easily and quickly become frustrated and angry. This anger can be distracting and cause you to make poor choices such as pushing into traffic, misjudging space size, and ignoring signs of danger.

A Clear Path to Justice

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