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Potential Accident Risks During Bridge Construction

According to Channel 3 News, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has a backlog of nearly $3 billion worth of bridge construction, maintenance, and replacements to finish. This means that, hopefully within the next few years, construction crews will be spending countless man hours rebuilding, fortifying, and fixing bridges across Louisiana—including the Calcasieu River Bridge section of I-10 in Lake Charles.

This is great financial news for Calcasieu and L.C. construction companies, but may not be the best health news for our construction workers. According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 9,000 construction workers a year are injured or killed on the job. With the added risks of bridge construction, the potential for injury and death increases even more.

Taking precautions and knowing these risks before you start may help save your life.

Bridge Construction Problems and Risks

  • Traffic congestion increases the chance of vehicle collisions and limits construction equipment maneuverability.
  • Cranes can malfunction not only causing the potential for workers to be crushed but also causing severe structural damage to the bridge itself, increasing the chance of a collapse.
  • Falling injuries are exponentially increased due to the height of even small overpass bridges, let alone the 135 foot free fall from the Calcasieu River Bridge.
  • Hazardous bridge materials such as lead and sharp edged iron and metal can cause serious injury if not protected against.
  • Drowning injuries and fatalities are a large concern for bridge construction over large bodies of water due to construction gear weight and the impact of hitting the water. This can result in a worker becoming unconscious with no plausible way to be saved—other workers can’t jump in after them if the bridge’s height is dangerously high.

No matter what type of construction—repair, replacement, or patchwork—nor what type of bridge—small, large, suspensions, overpass, or water—safety should be you and your employer’s number one concern. If you feel that you’re not getting the adequate gear, protection, or safety information to safely do your job, or if you feel that your injury was a result of a bridge construction accident, contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

We can help you file a claim and get the justice and settlement you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation and let us help you get your life back on track.

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