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Reckless to Wrecked: Careless Driving Consequences and Common Car Accident Injuries

The weather is absolutely beautiful by the lake; the sun is shining, it’s a gorgeous 70 degrees and you and your family are all dressed up in your finest pirate garb. You’ve been waiting all winter to finally take your gang to the Contraband Days of the Louisiana Pirate Festival and can barely wait any longer. You strap the kids in and slowly make your way down the long stretch of Lakeshore Dr. toward the festival.

The traffic is unbearable, so any opportunity to get ahead is welcomed. The light ahead of you turns yellow, but you’ve already sat through three rotations. You decide to go for it and run the light just as it turns red. CRASH! Another car barrels into your side and all you feel is searing pain. All you hear is your family crying out from their injuries. The Pirate Festival will have to wait as you all head to the hospital for injury assessments.

Car accident injuries are an unfortunate consequence of reckless driving and can range from minor to fatal—even when the collision is small.

Common Car Accident Injuries

The US averages over 12 million car accidents a year. Of these 12 million, 4 million result in fatalities, while the remaining 8 million incidents result in countless injuries. The following are some examples of common car accident injuries:

  • Impact injuries – Bruising, lacerations or broken bones due to vehicle or cargo impact.
  • Head and brain injuries – Brain hemorrhages, concussions and swelling due to a blow to the head (characterized by memory loss, headaches and/or blurred vision).
  • Neck or spinal cord injuries – Whiplash, paralysis or chronic back pain due to crushing of the vertebrae.
  • Pelvic and abdominal injuries – Kidney, spleen and liver injuries as well as broken pelvises due to front or side impacts.
  • Amputations (most common in motorcycle accidents) – Severed limbs due to jagged debris and/or devastating collision forces.
  • Psychological trauma – Increased anxiety, nervousness and fear.


Any one of these injuries could result in weeks or months of pain and discomfort—even permanently. So the next time you question whether or not to run a yellow light, or coast through a stop sign, think about if it is really worth the risk of hurting other drivers, or potentially having to spend the rest of your life in pain. All just to get somewhere a few seconds early.

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