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Are You at Risk for One of These Five Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Every year in July, your family plays a competitive game of baseball. The game takes place in the open field at Bord Du Lac, and your entire family attends—including all your cousins and their children. One rule is, that if you are over the age of 10 you have to be at bat at least once; so this year is the first year your little girl gets to participate. Usually, she would just play with the other kids at the jungle gym, but today she was extremely excited to finally get to swing the bat.

After three runs and some rather poor pitching, your team was up and your baby girl took her place at the plate.


Strike one.


Strike two.


She slammed the bat straight into the ball, causing it to zoom about 20 feet straight up into the air. You all, watched as it hovered for a few seconds and then, with ludicrous speed, fell straight back down toward your little girl’s head. She didn’t have time to move. In a split second, you heard the ball connect, your daughter grunt, and then saw her go down. Your entire family rushed to her side to see if she was okay, and although the bump the ball left behind was getting bigger and bigger as you watched, and you could see tears welling up in her eyes, she claimed she was fine and that the game should go on.

Although she was persistent that she was fine, should you still take her to CHRISTUS, or at least make an appointment with her pediatrician? Or will she be fine with some ice?

Levels of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Accidents that involve injury to your brain can be extremely catastrophic depending on the type of injury you sustain. Minor bumps and bruises to the head, although potentially painful, are generally minor and can be treated with ice and painkillers. However, the following five injuries can become so severe that they may require surgery, years—if not a lifetime—of therapy and treatment, and could even be fatal. 

  • Concussions – Brain trauma, blood vessel or nerve damage, or swelling, caused by shaking, violent force, whiplash, or penetration.
  • Contusions – Bruising or bleeding in the brain; generally caused by an impact to the head.
  • Coup contrecoup – Impact injuries that cause contusions.
  • Penetration injuries – When a sharp object is forced, or forces debris, into the head and brain, causing bleeding, infection, shearing, stretching, and rupture of brain tissue.
  • Shaken baby syndrome – The moving of the brain back and forth within the skull, sometimes rupturing blood vessels and nerves throughout the brain. This can cause tearing of the brain tissue, possibly causing bruising and bleeding, and is generally caused by an infant’s head and neck being forcibly shaken.


Brain injuries are not something you should take a chance on. If you have been in an accident where your head, neck, or spine was bruised, impacted, or struck—seek medical attention immediately. Even if you don’t think the injury was that severe, a physician will be able to tell you of any potential risks, or if your brain was affected.

TBI treatments and recovery can not only be long and arduous but extremely expensive. Contact us today for a free consultation about whether you're entitled to damages or compensation for your traumatic brain injury. We may be able to help you get the money you need and deserve for your treatment. Call today!