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3 Things You Should Never Do on an Expressway

After a relaxing, week long camping trip at Sam Houston Jones—where it was just you, your family, and nature—you were not eager to get back to the irritations of everyday life. You didn’t have much choice in the matter, as you had work on Monday, so you, your wife, and kids packed up your belongings and headed back home, dreading the inevitable frustrations of traffic and the ignorant carelessness of drivers in general. As it so happened, you didn’t have long to wait.

After about 10 minutes on the 378, you merged on to 10, hoping the next few miles until your exit (exit 30), would go by smoothly and quickly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to be. Directly after exit 28, traffic slowed to a standstill. You were only about 15 feet past the exit, but there was no possible way to go back. At least that’s what you, and any other educated and careful person would have thought.

Unfortunately, the driver ahead of you was neither one of those things, and decided to take his chances to go backward. You watched, as he veered onto the shoulder, came to a complete stop, and began to back up the 20 feet toward the exit. Ignoring the sounds of blaring horns and irritated screams from the drivers he passed, he proceeded to cut off two or three other drivers who were legitimately getting off.

You and your wife just looked at each other in complete shock. Why on earth would he think that was okay to do?

Expressway Dont’s

It seems like every day you witness someone doing something ridiculous on the expressway, and wonder how they get away with it. These actions cause confusion amongst other motorists, and they are also highly dangerous. When driving on the expressway, never, under any circumstance, attempt these three—unfortunately common—errors in judgment. Although you may witness others doing it, do not follow suit, as you may not only be ticketed but you could also cause a serious and potentially fatal accident.

  • Backing up – If you accidentally pass your exit or ramp, do not attempt to back up in traffic, nor stop on the shoulder in order to back up.
  • Use the shoulder as a lane – In traffic jams, it is always tempting to use the shoulder as your own personal lane to bypass the traffic; however, although inviting—don’t do it. Not only will you upset the other motorists who are patiently waiting, you could wind up in a ditch or cause another traffic-induced collision.
  • Cross the median – Medians are meant to provide separation between opposing lanes of traffic, not as a cross between to turn around. When you’re stuck in traffic or realize you’re going in the opposite direction of where you need to be, never use the median as a turn-around. This goes for grassy medians, as well as the established median crossovers, which are meant strictly for emergency and road maintenance personnel only.  


We’ve all experienced issues on the expressway where we wish we could take a short cut; however, we also know that everyone around us has the same wish and we’re all stuck in the same boat. This is why it is important to avoid road rage and accidental collisions.

As soon as one person believes his desire to get ahead is worth more than the people around him, and decides to do some idiotic maneuver, is when accidents occur. Don’t be that guy. Don’t put your desire to be two cars ahead, put yourself and those around you at risk. 

Make sure your family and friends are aware of these “Expressway Dont’s,” by sharing this page with them via Facebook or telling them to contact us directly to discuss any potential questions or concerns they may have about a recent highway accident. The consultation is free, so they have nothing to lose, but the potential to gain a lot of insight and advice.