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Don’t Delay Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits, File the Correct Forms First

Depending on the severity of your injury, being injured at work can be a chaotic experience. One second you are doing your job, the next you are bleeding or unconscious. Before you know it you’re being treated, tested, and then released from Cal-Cam with lingering pain and pamphlets for treatment options and physical therapy. Your doctor told you that you can’t go back to work until you have recovered, so what do you do next?

You file for workers’ compensation.

Top Three Forms to Know About When Filing for Workers’ Compensation

In order to start your workers’ compensation benefits you must file a claim with your employer by filling out a specific work injury form (1007). Once this form is filled out and given to your employer, the process begins and you should start to receive your benefits once the claim is approved.

Unfortunately, more often than not, claims are initially denied. This means your employer can, and most likely will, refuse to pay your compensation and/or medical treatment costs. This is when you’ll need an experienced workers‘ compensation lawyer to help you fill out additional forms to repeal that decision and help you get your deserved benefits.    

Work Injury Form 1007

This form is required to be completed by the employer with details of injuries—including the time the injury took place, the place where the injury occurred, the cause of the injury, and severity of the injury—and then forward it to their workers' compensation insurance carrier or self-insured fund. This form is mandatory in order to receive benefits

Disputed Claim for Compensation Form 1008

This is the Disputed Claim for Compensation form. This form needs to be filed in case the original claim for compensation was denied.

Disputed Claim for Medical Treatment Form 1009

Form 1009 is the Disputed Claim for Medical Treatment form. This needs to be filed in case the original claim for necessary medical treatment and healthcare costs were denied.

Legal forms cannot only be tedious, but confusing as well; besides the legal jargon and countless questions, it can also be hard to understand when, why, and how to file them. Take the guesswork out of it for your own sake. Contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer today to help file your claim. We will help explain the necessary forms you will need to fill out, discuss your options for treatment and settlements, and give you a welcomed peace of mind.

We’re here to help. We invite you to contact us directly at 337-310-2233 to set up your free consultation.