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Two-Wheel Control: How Motorcycle Safety Is in Your Hands

Spring is on its way, and although Louisiana temperatures are pretty mild all year round, spring brings with it an uncontrollable drive to uncover your Cruisers and hit the open road. However, no matter if your joyriding down the Creole Nature trail or getting some fresh air on Highway 210 on your way to work—motorcycle safety needs to be your top priority at all times. 

As with anything, the safety of a vehicle is partially determined by the safety of its driver. If an inexperienced or careless driver gets behind the wheel of a car, that car ultimately becomes a little less safe. The same thing happens with a motorcycle, if the driver doesn’t use or take advantage of motorcycle safety protocols, that bike could be considered dangerous.

Motorcycles Are More Likely Than Cars to Be in an Accident

According to a government survey, motorcyclists are 15 times more likely than automobile drivers to be involved in an accident and 30 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury. This is most likely due to the smaller designs of a motorcycles, as well as the lack of exterior protection for the biker—increasing the risks for severe head, neck and spinal cord injuries.

Over half of all motorcycle accidents occur as a result of a multi-car pile-up where cars were unable to avoid the motorcycle due to visibility. This is precisely why you need to exert extra care, attention and thought into safety protocols when riding your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Safety Protocols

  • Always wear a helmet – Head injuries account for more than 70 percent of cycle injuries—protect your head!
  • Pay attention – You have an advantage of an unobstructed 360 degree view—use it!
  • Stagger your formation – When riding in packs make sure your formation is staggered and no one is riding directly behind one another. This will help prevent collisions if the lead biker suddenly slows down.
  • Anticipate possible problems – Since a motorcycle’s stability is dramatically less than a four-wheeled vehicle, sudden stops or readjustments can be dangerous. Pay attention to your surroundings and anticipate possible problems ahead of time to be able to adjust slowly and safely.
  • Do NOT bob and weave through traffic – It may be difficult for drivers to see you, don’t make it more difficult by continuously changing lanes or veering from left to right.

Following the basic rules and safety measures of bike riding can greatly decrease your risk of getting into an accident and severely injuring yourself. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Charles—but also remember to be safe!

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