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SCI Domino Effect: Worsening Injuries of Spinal Cord Injury Victims

When you suffer from a spinal cord injury, the road to recovery can be extremely long. Imagine if that road was I-10 and it was under construction, during rush hour, and had multiple detours that not only slowed you down—but also caused additional damage or risk. This is unfortunately a reality for many SCI victims who acquire secondary problems because of their particular form of injury and spinal limitations.

Additional Problems Associated With Spinal Cord Injuriess

Spinal cord injuries can cause immediate and multiple medical issues ranging from severe pain and nerve issues to partial or full paralysis. However, for some victims, the trauma doesn’t end there. Secondary issues can arise because of immobility and nerve damage that can ultimately worsen the injuries or cause life-threatening complications. Common SCI manifestations include:

  • Pneumonia generally affects those with upper SCIs, as secretions can build up in the lungs as a result of not being able to inhale, exhale or cough effectively.
  • Pressure sores can affect the entire body because of decreased blood flow from immobility and become life threatening and/or require surgery.
  • Spasms resulting from the loss of reflex muscle activity.
  • Blood pressure fluctuations when adjusting from prolonged positions.
  • Bowel and bladder incontinence could result from nerve damage prohibiting the proper muscle retention to keep fluids and waste from being contained. Catheters are common to help victims expel waste.
  • UTI/Bladder infections caused by bacteria from old or unclean catheters.

Protecting yourself from these common ailments can be difficult and treatment may be impossible if your injury settlement did not include future medical costs. Do not become stranded in your recovery—let our vast experience and knowledge make sure you get the full settlement you deserve to keep you headed toward recovery. Contact us today at 337-310-2233 for a free consultation.

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