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Dangers of Stopping in the Middle of an Intersection

You’re running a little behind, but you figure you still have a little time to stop off at the Starbucks across from your work. Thankfully, you’re almost to the Nelson and Prien Lake intersection. As you approach the light, it turns green—but you can’t get through. A driver on Prien, apparently misjudged how much room he had after the light, and is blocking the entire intersection.

The cars behind you are inching forward and honking their horns, trying to urge you to go around the car blocking the intersection. You decide that there isn’t enough room—no matter how much you would like to pass him, you just can’t. The driver behind you, however, decides that he can make it. He carelessly passes you to try and squeeze by the blocker. Unfortunately, he too, misjudged the space, and winds up scraping the blocker’s side, losing control of his own vehicle and colliding with oncoming traffic.

In a split second, and as a result of two poor decisions, you witnessed a massive accident and narrowly avoided being part of one. What should have been an easy intersection crossing, has become a massive accident scene.

Stopping in an Intersection Can Have Serious Consequences

Intersections are one of the deadliest places for vehicle accidents. Crossing traffic, dangerous turns, pedestrians, reckless driving, and road rage, all come together in a relatively small and compact area. As a result, tempers can run high and when one person makes a selfishly poor decision, it can wind up affecting an entire group.

This is why it is important to make sure you follow the rules of the road, think about your fellow drivers, and never put yourself in a situation where you’ll be blocking an intersection. Otherwise, you could wind up suffering from one of these serious consequences.  

  • Increased traffic. When you block an intersection, you’re preventing crossing traffic from being able to get through
  • Increased road rage. The longer someone is stuck in traffic, the more irritated and angry they may become. When you’re the deliberate cause of that delay, rage and anger may be focused toward you and your vehicle.
  • Side-impact or T-bone crashes. Crossing traffic may not see you, or expect you to be in the middle of the intersection, and could feasibly crash straight into you.
  • Rear-end collisions. When crossing traffic attempts to go around you, if there isn’t enough leeway, he could scrape, crash or collide into your rear end

The next time you approach an intersection, make sure you have enough time and enough space to completely clear the crossing. If you don’t think you have enough space—don’t proceed. By keeping the intersection clear, you’ll not only keep traffic moving, but you could prevent a tragic collision or a road rage accident.

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