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Construction Equipment Dangers and Risks: The Top Six Most Dangerous Tools

Due to the common and constant use of six potentially hazardous tools of the trade, construction has become one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. In Louisiana alone, approximately 26 construction workers die and thousands are injured every year as a result of carelessness and improper use of construction tools.

No matter what tool you’re using on-the-job, precaution and safety should be your top priority. You should never intentionally misuse, mishandle, or joke around with dangerous tools because you never know when an accident—no matter how ridiculous the cause—may occur.

Tools That Cause the Most Construction Injuries

  • Saws (chainsaws, table saws and circular saws) – The speed and power of motorized saws make them extremely dangerous to users, despite any safety features that come standard. Proximity to rotating, razor sharp blades, can increase your risk of being cut or severing an entire limb as well.
  • Projectile tools (nail and staple guns) – Sure, nail and staple guns allow you to work quickly without the fuss of banging your thumbs with a hammer. But, as with any type of gun, any misfiring or misjudgment in aim could cause you to either shoot yourself or a coworker with an extremely fast-moving metal projectile.
  • Power drills – The function of a drill is to make a hole in whatever you press it against—this includes your hand, leg, or any other body part it may come into contact with. If used for long periods of time, power drills can also store and create an immense amount of heat that can cause 2nd and 3rd degree burns if touched to bare skin.
  • Wood chippers – These are basically human sized blenders capable of mulching giant tree limbs; if you accidentally trip or get too close to the blades, you may find yourself losing your own limbs.
  • Air compressor – Although compressors generally don’t have any sharp metal or rapidly moving parts that will slice you open, the tube that attaches the nozzle to the compressor itself can come loose, allowing the several hundred pounds of air pressure to either transform the tube into an extremely dangerous whip, or blow small pieces of debris at you like a tornado.
  • Ladders – It may seem surprising, but even though they’ve been around the longest, have no essential moving parts or technological advances that could go wrong—ladders are the number one culprits of construction site injuries. Awkwardly placed, broken, or unstable ladders can cause serious falling accidents, while metal ladders can dangerously conduct unwanted electricity.

If you live in Calcasieu Parish, it’s a good bet that you know someone in construction. Make sure they’re aware of the potential risks of their tools by sharing this page with them. Although it may seem like it’s a no-brainer to be safe around power tools, having the information is always better than assuming everyone knows how and why to be safe. Share it today and contact us directly for more information about construction safety and what to do if you’ve already been injured in a construction accident.