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The Marceaux Law Firm

We’re Proud of Our Reputation! See What Our Clients Have to Say About Marceaux Law Firm in Lake Charles

We know that hiring the right attorney is a big decision after an accident. Check out what others who have worked with Greg Marceaux, the Calcasieu Parish accident lawyer, have to say about their experience.

I was injured in a workers’ compensation claim. Marceaux Law Firm helped me and settled my case and I am happy. Marceaux Law Firm got me a settlement that I am pleased with. He is a very good lawyer and he’ll take care of you.  To view Donald Sonnier's video, please click here. 

Donald Sonnier, Jennings, LA

I got into a car accident and got hurt. Greg Marceaux told me that I would get a certain amount of money and it didn’t happen, he got me more. I am very satisfied with Marceaux Law Firm. I would say that Marceaux Law Firm is very good and they’re fast. They’ll help you any way they can. He has got wonderful staff. I love them all.  To view Anthony Bernard's video, please click here. 

Anthony Bernard, Lake Charles, LA

Richard "Dean" Young of Elton had his workers' compensation case denied after he broke his ankle stepping our of his 18-wheeler.  The employer denied workers' compensation benefits, claiming intoxication.  After years of litigation, Marceaux Law Firm was able to get the intoxication testing declared invalid and get Richard the workers' compensation benefits he was owed.  To view Richard "Dean" Young's video, please click here.

Richard Young, Elton, LA

I had a workers’ compensation case. I had the tip of my finger removed from a meat grinder and after two weeks, they stopped paying me my benefits. Marceaux Law Firm is great and the people there are great.   They are fair and Greg Marceaux is a heck of a lawyer. I respect the man. I highly recommend them to anybody that needs a workers’ compensation lawyer.  To View Clint Ashworth's video, please click here. 

Clint Ashworth, Lake Charles, LA

Carl Hill of Lake Charles was injured when his automobile was hit by another vehicle.  Marceaux Law Firm represented Carl and was able to secure a settlement for him.  "The service of Marceaux Law Firm was very admirable.  Greg Marceaux is quick, efficient, very thorough and down to earth.  When you step into the office, the atmosphere is friendly.  Walking into the office is like stepping into someone else's house".  To view Carl Hill's video, please click here. 

Carl Hill, Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles resident Ivy Gary was injured in an automobile accident.  Marceaux Law Firm was able to secure a  settlement in his case.  "I went to one attorney and she did not do anything and then I went to Greg Marceaux and he took care of it.  Marceaux Law Firm is a great law firm and they are very legitimate".  To view Ivy Gary's video, please click here. 

Ivy Gary, Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles resident Shawn Cardin was injured on the job and her employer refused to pay workers' compensation benefits.  Marceaux Law Firm was able to recover her workers' compensation benefits.  "With the money I recovered, I was able to get the medical treatment I needed.  At Marceaux Law Firm they knew me by my name and I felt at home with my lawyer".  To view Shawn Cardin's video, please click here. 

Shawn Cardin, Lake Charles, LA