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Auto Accident Questions Answered

Hi, I am attorney Greg Marceaux. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you probably have many legal questions.

Under Louisiana law, the person who caused damages to your car and your injuries is responsible for paying for both your property damages and personal injuries.

For you property damages, the insurer of the person who caused the accident, is required to either have your car repaired or pay for the value of the car, if the car is totaled. In addition, you are entitled to replacement costs while your car is repaired or replaced. Typically, as replacement damages, the insurer will provide you with a car rental.

You may also be owed what is call traumatic deprecation, if your car was a newer model vehicle. Traumatic deprecation reimburses your for the quick deprecation that your vehicle suffers because of the accident. After all, we all recognize that a vehicle that has been in a wreck is not worth as much at trade in time.

For your personal injuries, you are owed money for lost wages, medical bills, scaring, disability and for pain and suffering. How much money you can recover is dependent on the severity of your injures. In addition, your spouse may also be owned money for what is called loss of society. Loss of society basically means recovering money for how your injuries have adversely effected your marriage.

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