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The Marceaux Law Firm

Clint Ashworth Client Testimonial

I am Clint Ashworth and I am from Lake Charles, Louisiana. I had a workers’ compensation case. I had the tip of my finger removed from a meat grinder and after two weeks, they stopped paying me my benefits. Marceaux Law Firm was great. They gave me back not only the confidence to get back out there and work, but also know that worker’s compensation is a difficult situation. But with the right law firm, I was able to not only get my benefits that were denied to me, but my medical bills were paid. The law firm is great, the people there are great and I highly recommend them to anybody that needs a workers’ compensation case taken care of. Marceaux Law Firm, I would recommend to anybody that is going through a workers’ compensation situation. They are fair. Mr. Gregory Marceaux is a heck of a lawyer. I respect the man. I will use him if anything workers’ compensation related comes up again. I think I have found my workers’ compensation lawyer. So, anybody out there that needs a lawyer, come see Gregory Marceaux, he’ll do you right.